Patricia Wood
Sacramento, CA
  1. Classroom Paintings
    "Paintings For A Foggy Memory"
    Acrylic and Mixed Media on Paper 9"h X 12"w
  2. Chalkboard Paintings
    "Lessons Not Learned"
    Acrylic and Mixed Media on Chalkboard 24"h X 36"w
  3. Chalkboard Paintings
    Acrylic and Mixed Media on Chalkboard 24"h X 36"w
    Artist: Patricia Wood
This series of classroom drawings and paintings grew out of "chalkboard" paintngs I started several years ago.  The chalkboard paint itself was used to evoke a kind of nostalgia.  Those chalkboard vignettes grew into entire rooms.  The spaces are empty now and have been left behind.  The memories held there are different for each.  They are spaces where we were taken by our elders.  The empty space of the classroom remains a container for years of memories, some happy, some horrific.  They are the places where we first fell in love, where we first realized we were inadeqaute, where we were first afraid to go and then terrified to leave.  For each the memories are different but the space remains the same.
Patricia Wood
May 2015
Patricia Wood is currently an Adjunct Professor at American River College and Sierra College.  She has had numerous exhibitions both locally and nationally.  She received her BA in Art Studio from UC Davis and her MFA in painting from the University of Arizona.  Her art work has been featured in several issues of New American Painting magazines as well as on the cover of Studio Visit magazine's 7th edition. She currently lives and has an art studio in Sacramento, California.  She shares her space with two adorable cats who, through their callous disregard for art supplies and works in progress, serve to remind her that ultimately the value of the art making process is both personal and subjective. 
Below is a snap shot of the studio wall where I conjure ideas.......some images become symbols for content that will eventually enter the work...others images will simply disappear.